Joanie Cardinal clever packaging

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j_cardinal_1j_cardinal_2j_cardinal_31Check this packaging out duals up as a shop hanger, purchase box and then a home wardrobe hanger. Very Clever! Designed by Joanie Cardinal. Posted on


Timex hologram watch

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Conceptual Hologram Time Piece

Conceptual Hologram Time Piece

This Timex Hologram Watch has been thought up by One & Co a very interesting Product development company based in the USA. How amazing will this be if actually hits the market! How elegant, not your usually frumpy watches.

Alternative ipod mini speakers

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Oh my, what ever next!

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Ok well yes this is still in development but it’s going to appear on the market some day soon. It is known as an E-Paper MP4 bracelet – Multimedia piece of jewelery and it will be powdered by kinetic energy. It is designed by Raytheon at the chocolate agency. Taking the slap bracelet to another level I think!

Super cool watches by Denis Guidone

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Found these beauty’s posted on design-milk. Wow how sweet are these.

Cake & biscuit recipe book by CM

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Well Crazy Magpie has been busy finding, adapting, modifying recipes of all our favourite cakes and biscuits so that we can all enjoy this simple, wipe clean and easy to use fan styled bound book. With its striking cover, detailed scrumptious photography and loving dedication this is a bargin at just £5. You can purchase it at

OKURIN recyclable container

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Okurin, the eco-sensitive, recyclable gift bag manufactured by Innocence is made of environmentally friendly materials with the hope of reducing excess packaging. Okurin doubles as a gift-wrap and envelope, and can be mailed without further packaging. The act of sending, receiving and resending the gift bag helps promote and spread environmental awareness. Okurin can also be washed and reused as a home interior decoration item.

Handmade Plushies – Cute

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Laser etched bag – nice shape

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Like this usual bag from salvorprojects – very unique shape, with a lovely etched detail.

Huni Skincare – Nice modular packaging and font

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Huni Skincare packaging created by designworks a design studio based in sydney. Love the fact the packaging reflects honeycomb. Really like the font that has been created for the brand too – nice soft flowing approach to compliment the angular packaging. Check the work out at Designworks.